Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Matt and Steven: I wish this were a sitcom!

Hey we love pimping out people we enjoy! But we haven't really pimped anyone in a while, so Let's take the time while Zombi edits the podcast to just talk about 2 people who have done great things and really helped the show. I'm talking about Matt Burkett and Steven Ray Brown! I mean these guys are great beyond reason! Matt gave us an exclusive story that everyone wanted to know about as well as stuck around for a full podcast afterwards, and that is just a little about what he's done for the show.

Steven is a fantastic artist who didn't turn us down the second he heard our content, that 's all he really needed to do but he went above and beyond that by just being an awesome dude! He has done a few pieces for the show and site as well as being a very interactive artist and interesting dude. He's pimped us out on his site and facebook and has on more than one occasion offered to help with the podcast/site directly. So I want to do my best to show them to people who might not know who they are. Admittedly it would be a little hard in my opinion to show these guys off considering they are already widely known, but I love to try.

So let's start with a Matt's new series "MONSTROSITIES: A Vlog of Takusatsu". Matt looks at all things toku and occasional reviews or just gives his opinion on the series/merch or what have you.

I've never been the biggest fan of toku, but I have always enjoyed a few of the series that it encompasses. I've been watch Godzilla since I could remember, and don't even get me started on Power Rangers! And while we will all miss the Apollo Z. Hack character there is nothing that says he is gone forever, even Matt say's he may dawn the patch again. Now I'd love to just fill this post full of Matt's videos, really I would but I want to get Steven's stuff in here to.

Let's start this off with Steven Ray Brown's most regular videos the "Watch Me Draw" series. You get to see him draw a myriad of different characters of all different styles sometimes smashing them together, like the Ghostbusters in a Danny Phantom style.

Luckily Steven has put these videos in a play list so you can watch them all here. But I'll even stick a little link for everyone to use for both Matt and Steven at the end of this post. These videos amaze me every time I watch them, every time. Being a talentless hack as I am seeing the process of an artist is just staggering and to put it bluntly scary. But at the same time it's freaking breath taking to see what starts as a rough sketch then goes to an fully fledged work of art.

It should be pretty obvious why I wanted to show you these guys and even if you already knew about them which is more than likely, I just love to show people these guy's work. Just from everything I've ever tried, and failed, to do I know it can be hard to do what these guy do. Yet they are so talented and that they do it damn near if not completely weekly!

So I just wanted to show off these guys as best I could. But if you really want to see some awesome stuff check out there channels and websites they are affiliated with because if they had the good sense to pick up these guys they probably have people like them that you can enjoy. So time for a mini link dump!

Matt Burkett Links
Third Act Films
Apollo Z Hack Blip
Matt's Twitter
Apollo on Facebook
Steve Ray Brown Links
StevRayBro YouTube
Steven Ray Brown Illustrations on Facebook
Steven Ray Brown on Twitter
Steven Ray Brown's Tumblr
Steven Ray Brown on DeviantArt

So please check these guys out!

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