Friday, November 30, 2012

The PutzCast Ep. 24

We're back, kind of...

Yeah, sadly this is a shorter episode and the worst part is I'm not sure why! Nappa just up and abandoned us! So We'll have to have a talk about this next episode about this random leaving us. Unless someone is bleeding there is no reason to leave a podcast, well maybe a pee break. But either way episode 24 is here!

Oh shit! I forgot to mention, we are super low on funds and until I get some cash flow I had to lower our Libsyn account so it will be a few days before we can get episode 24 on iTunes. There is an MP3 download but that won't show up on our iTunes. So again we please ask if you enjoy the show please feel free to donate! Or at least check out The PutzCast Store! so from now on till we get some kind of cash flow we are installing ads in these posts! At the end.

Also a few notes on things we messed up. Nappa mentioned the Cell shaded Prince of Persia thinking it was the first when it was the 4th (1,2,3, It, and an interquel). I refer the Dragon Ball Evolution as Z. Nappa thought Strong world was the 4th One Piece Movie when it was the 10th. Luke would have been disappointed with me if I let that slide.

This Time Around We Discuss Egoraptor, The Prince of Persia, Tenchi Muyo's continuity, Nappa's brother and more!


Link Dump 
Jonathan Coulton's Re: Your Brains 
Hotel California 
Ted (Movie) 
Millia Jovovich 
Prince of Persia and the Sand of Time 
Prince of Persia (Cell shaded version) 
 Last Airbender 
DragonBall: Evolution 
Tenchi continuity chart 
Life size Kenshiro 
Life size gundamn 
Rhapsody Duskbane 
The Neon Genesis Evangelion Museum 
The Bunny Perspective! The End of Evangelion 
Shinji talks over Eva ending  
Fist of the North Star Movie 
Dante Basco 
One Piece Strong World 
Sengoku Basara 
One Piece Pirate Warriors 
Egoraptor's Awesome Gaiden 
Ninja Gaiden 3 Rage Quit 
Arma developers Held Captive!

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