Friday, December 14, 2012

The PutzCast Ep. 25

Hello and welcome back to The! Obviously you maybe seeing some changes to the site in look and what not well that happens. We just wanna be the best us we can be. So on with the podcast.

Nappa and I are back and boy are we proud of this episode. Back ot a longer format, non of that end the podcast early stuff we were doing. We are here for the long haul over and hour and a half of podcasty goodness! So here we go!

This Time Around We Discuss McDonalds, The VGA's, The problems with America a skunk's webcomic and more!


Link Dump 
Be Like Water My Friend By MelodySheep 
Enter the Dragon 
17 McDonalds Facts 
Thank You for Smoking 
Cooking with Zombi 
Stupid Girls 
Black Ops 2 "Surprise Trailer" 
FPS Russia 
(NSFW) Possibly Topless Miley Cyrus (NSFW) 
South Park Studios 
South Park Stick of Truth 
Obsidian Entertainment 
VGA winners  
Daman Mills 
Nappa's Game Talk Ep. 1 
The Putzcast Store 
Sabrina Online 
2 and a Half Men kid Goes Nuts 
Toby Mcguarie in Fear and loathing 
EpicFail 26

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