Saturday, May 19, 2012

The PutzCast Ep. 17

Season 2 BABY!

We are back and more Putz-ier than ever! And for the season opener we have brought a girl! A God honest girl on the internet who would have guessed. Except girls have been on the internet for years now. Wow are we meta this season? No not really. But hey we are back and in my less than humble opinion we are better than ever!

 This week Zombi and Nappa are joined by a guest who we can't name ;)

This time around we talk about Nappa's terrible taste in video games, Batman's acting career, a secret Zombi wants to share with the world and of course vagina.

Link Dump 
Jay's Rap 
Nothing Better to Do Podcast 
360 Minecraft 
Angry Joe Mass Effect 3 Ending Rant 
Angry Joe Mass Effect 3 Ending change  
RoosterTeeth Spoiler Cast 
Angry Joe Duke Review 
Edd's World  
ASDF Movies Playlist 
The Confession 
Zanta Claws  
Climate Change  
Adam Sandler and the Razzies 
Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar movie 
Playstation All Stars  
Steven Ray Brown  
Yvette Nicole Brown 
The 3 Stooges (film) 
Joe Besser 
Cameron Diaz 
Helena Bonham Carter
Scarlett Johansson's Ass (NSFW)
The Amazing Spiderman Game  
Harajuku Girls 
Spiderman Opening Comparison 
Epic Pie Time 
Yaplap Perfect Stallion 
Reviewtopia RPG

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