Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just A Few Things

So it has been far too long since we really posted anything and I'm sad to say that won't change till later this week hopefully. But till then I have to say I hope you have stuck with us. I noticed we got a new follower to the site which I am loving! But hopefully Nappa will be back on line this coming week so we should have an episode soon! Zombi is in a slump so it might really help. But Till then we hope you have enjoyed the change in look to the site. Zombi is doing the best her can but he is no expert. So here area few more changes we have implamented.

1. First we have a new Store for all who didn't know. It's a spread shirt store with allows for some really quality prints and a lot of customization! Zombi has been adding a lot of new designs and he is doing his best at making sure they are all affordable. We want to make stuff that you would like to wear and not charge you out the ass for it.

2. Zombi has made a new donation button that isn't just a drab image. It could be better and we will always work on upgrading the look of every little addition till we think it looks amazing.

3. Changed the Episode page. We took out the specials from the Episode page since they have their own page they didn't need to be there.

4. From now on all the new episodes when posted will have this spiffy image as the download link.
Ain't it pretty?

5. We have added a "game" page fro the upcoming The PutzCast game being made by Nappa. Please shoot on by the page and give the game a play. Also we should say that The game has to be downloaded and currently the file is too large for most free download site. So we have to use 4Shared which you have to have an account with. So if anyone knows of a better file sharing site that can handle big files for free please tell us. Also any programmers we would love to talk to you about making this game with actual skill rather than with RPG Maker. We would love to negotiate.

6. We have updated the "Steven Ray Brown" page for the pony images he made for us. We hope you enjoy them and you can contact Steven about paying artist jobs. He is absolutely the most talented artist we know! Not to mention a really great guy. Seriously he has done work for Bowling For Soup! Among other people but serious?! Bowling for "Fuckin" Soup!

7. We were asked recently and I guess we may not have made it clear. But we do Live episodes in intervals of 10. So the next Live episode will be 20. Just saying. So stay tuned to our Twitter for updates on projects and episodes. ThePutzCast Twitter

Past that I think we are caught up on stuff but maybe I'm wrong. So please keep tuned we will be back soon! And when we come back it will be an extravaganza! We are so looking forward to getting back to work!

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