Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reviews and Let's Plays

We've told you about the work we are doing on reviews but so far you haven't gotten a chance to see Nappa's work. Well sadly we lost the original footage for his first review but he is hard at work re-capturing it. Nappa's series is officially called "It Came from Xbox Live" which is a video game review series based about Xbox live arcade games that most people don't know about or should have more coverage than some of the full titles that come out.

But when the video was due to appear the footage was lost. No one was to blame but none the less we released a special video game based video for you our fans, thanks for that by the way, but Nappa released the first of a Let's Play of the Newgrounds original game Alien Hominid for the GBA.

But like we said it is the first part of the game more will come when Nappa finds the time, currently he is working on that review while we work on other videos for you as well. So we hope you enjoy the LP and all of our other video as we work hard for more content for you.

Also if you haven't seen it yet The PutzCast Episode 7 is out as well as the full story as to why Apollo Z. Hack left TGWTG.com which you can find Here!

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