Saturday, October 15, 2011

The PutzCast Ep. 7

Besides the interview Apollo was kind enough to hang out with us during the recording of Episode 7. We are sorry for any audio issues but we did our best to make sure you could understand what everyone was saying.

So this week on The PutzCast we hit up topics we never thought we'd discuss and some may well wish we never did...Why don't you love me daddy?!
Link Dump
This Episode's theme song is Imagine by Brunch which you can find Here! 
The Emperor's New Groove 
Puppet Porn conversation 
Dead Trailer Get's a Movie  
World War Z Movie 
Mortal Kombat Movie Green Lighted 
The RoosterTeeth Drunk Tank 101 
The Spoony Experiment 
I am pretty sure this is the video Apollo was talking about 
Run Like Hell: When Giant Robots Attack 
Hayden Christensen's Ghost 
Comic Book: The Movie 
I got the title wrong, I'm an idiot. Sorry! 
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths 
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm 
Under the Red Hood  
Bruce is Terry's Father (Batman Beyond) 
Assasssin's Creed 
Bob from Tekken 6 
South Park Studios 
What's Up tiger Lily 
The Jerk 
Sean Connery 
SNL Celebrity Jeopardy 
Super (Phoenix Jones) Hero Arrested 
Tower Heist 
The Avengers 
Thoroughly Manly Musicals 
Joss Whedon 
Mark Ruffalo 
3 Musketeers 
The Avengers Game 
Green Lantern 
X-Men First Class 
In Time 
Muppet's on YouTube  
Muppet's From Space 
Nappa has Terrible Taste (Sometimes)
The Expendables 
3 Musketeers (Disney) 
The Great Mouse Detective 
Ang Lee's Hulk 
Star Ship Troopers 
Steel Magnolias 
Banger Sisters 
Top Gun 
Days of Thunder 
An Officer and a Gentlemen  
Murder in the First 
In the Name of the King 
Atlantis Reviews 
Il Neige 
Apollo Z. Hack's Free Jack Review 
ThatSciFiGuy RobotJox Review 
Saban's Masked Ryder 
Big Bad BeetleBorgs  
Jay Leno Elvis Ghost (Flabber) 
Don't Google search flabber, it does bring up porn 
Disaster Movies of Roland Emmerich Part 1 
Disaster Movies of Roland Emmerich Part 2 
Talkin' Shit 
RoosterTeeth Podcast  
Transmission Awesome  
Save it for the Podcast  
Reviewers Unknown 
Apollo Z. Hack Links 
Blip, Twitter, Facebook and Reviewtopia

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