Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Strange Questions 10 + Game Preview

A brand new Strange Question being posted about on the day of it's release! This is fantastic as well as bad but I'll get to that later. So first things first our new Strange Questions!

Have you ever used a condom? Well it's a weird thing to use.

And with that out of the way let me say after releasing this video on YouTube we were sent a message from and I really love this guys title, also I'm quoting him here

"Joe Nelson, Founder & Condom Revolutionary" 

For So evidently Europe has got it down pat but we can't label the size of our condoms past magnum.

So with that pleasantness out of the way I have to tell you sad news. Nappa's computer was sabotaged by terrorists and sadly he lost a good amount of videos and things he was working on. He even lost his porn! But sadly with the porn he lost all the work he had put into The PutzCast Game...He put more than 500 hours of work in this thing and it was all dashed away by a terrorist. He was able to save some of his work like the Let's Plays and the skeleton for the game but past that we are out a ton of content. We are still working on making sure you get all the content you can handle and that we can make but there are a few points where  we will both have to take it easy. But we aren't quitting, it's right back to the grind stone for us!

And Nappa is hard at work on the game, he even made a little apology video giving you al ook into what to expect.

So please check us out on your favorite social media site and if you'd like to please click our links to things and donate if you'd like! so back to work on this weeks podcast for me!

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