Monday, March 11, 2013

Strange Question 9 and Updates

We are back with a Strange Questions a little late as usual to our own site. It's strange that I even gave this series a schedule since I never seem to post it on our site on time. I figured we actually had a little more important content coming out but then Nappa fell off the grid again. He really need to answer these messages. But don't worry there will be a podcast this week I've brought a friend on to help us for Episode 30 since 3 is the magic number, and this one has a vagina! My friend Yachi will be joining us on this weeks podcast. So let's get to a bit more important things.

Strange Questions 9: Making Ponies Cool

Past that we are working on The PutzCast comic. So hopefully that will be going live soon, so to speak. Nappa had a Nappa's Game Talk but yet again he is missing, or at least not answering me right now.

So we launched the comic host site. We are using SmackJeeves since it is free and customizable. I'm learning slowly how to customize the look and what not so give us some time and hopefully that will look pretty cool.

So enjoy the show and tune in this Friday for a new podcast and stay close to our site or social media to keep up on new content.

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