Friday, September 14, 2012

The PutzCast Ep. 20

Well after a long battle we have finally emerged victorious! What were we fighting? Intolerance...yeah let's say that.

Back after so long Zombifaction and Nappa are back and making up for lost time they are out to insult and isolate themselves from everyone on the internet. But we have seriously missed being around and now that We are back hopefully we won't be going anywhere anytime soon! With new equipment and even more stuff on the way we are planning a lot for you guys and us! So with little further ado we present The PutzCast episode 20 at long last!

 This time around we discuss politics, Classic X-mas movies, claymation, voice actors and the return and possible loss of 2 great internet figures!
Link Dump 
Daniel Tosh Rape Joke 
Tenchi Muyo! episode 4 Ryoko Naked(NSFW) 
A Christmas Story 2 
A Very Merry Cricket 
To Boldly Flee 
Third Act Films 
Golden Critic Awards Year 2  
lyra Plushie(WTF)  
Sifl and Olly Return 
Celebrity Deathmatch 
Katawa Shoujo 
T-shirt OS  
Annoying Orange TV Show 
Ron Perlman is AWESOME! 
Talkin Toons with Rob Paulsen 
VA On The Mic 
BlockBusterBuster Top 10 VA's 
Body Double "Where's the Cum Shot?"  
Space Monkey Mafia Studios

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