Sunday, October 30, 2011

Your Roleplaying Resume and You

So You want to role-play with The PutzCast? Well who doesn’t?! We’re awesome right? Well sadly we don’t know if you’re awesome enough to join us. And that is no dis to our rappers friends we are worried for your own health, if your awesome doesn’t match ours you could seriously be hurt, the same goes for us. I mean we can’t just go RPing with LordKat we’d be destroyed! So we have created this guideline to making your “RP Résumé


Screen Name [If you are (Anything)fan(Numbers) do not apply, have some creativity]:


Have you ever Role Played?:

What games? And were you DM/GameMaster?:

Can you take a joke?:

When are you free to play?

Are you familiar with the rule set? (if not, don’t worry a link will be provided for the rulebook, as well as one-on-one time with Nappa to make sure you understand the rules)

Send your resume to with the headline being "Role Playing Game"

We hope to hear from you all!

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