Saturday, October 18, 2014

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Help support me making more videos of higher quality through Patreon!

I'm Josh Laxen and I enjoy making podcasts, writing articles and creating videos to entertain people.

I've been making videos for nearly a decade and steadily improving. The content I make covers a variety of media including of movie reviews, audio podcasts, written articles and stories, occasionally comic creation, game reviews, social commentary videos in the form of Vlogs and Let's Play videos.

I'm looking to use Patreon to help me make this content more regularly and with the highest quality possible. My current schedule leaves me with little time to work on these videos and at my current level of free time I'm creating on average a podcast and a video review/vlog a week. I'd like to expand this and make a much content as possible, with the hopes of at least 1 podcast a week and 3 videos to spread through the week. I'm also looking to expand the content that I create. With the help of Patreon I feel like I could afford to create high quality video than I make now as well as create newer content in the form of comics.

I hope you are interested in helping me with my goals and look forward to the content I create.