Monday, August 5, 2013

What Does it Take to be a Furry?

So I guess I should be putting this in a video but then it would be hard to link to all the porn I plan to link people to. Or not really harder just stranger but if I do a video I'd rather show you but most places don't allow it. Even though Tosh.0 (NSFW) showed the MLP porn based sub-reddit(NSFW) clop(SFW) (2 links for your convenience). But I had a thought that is rolling around in my noodle so here goes.

Don't judge.

Ok, Judge.

You were going to anyway but by giving you permission, I win.

How much furry porn do you have to look at before you are a furry? Or for that matter does it make you a furry if you don't masturbate to it? Are you a furry by fucking a fur-suiter? Couldn't we all be furries?

No so preface to that face. I'm like most people. I love porn. And I've seen most if not every kind unlike everyone else. And I mean most if not all, I've stumbled across a few that scare even me and some that just make me sick. Illegal and legal, I assume some is illegal and I know some is. Bestiality is technically illegal, yet I've seen a woman and a man blow horses, at one time and separately. But furry porn has become a whole lot more popular, prevalent, known, seen or available. Whatever the way you'd put it it’s much more in the public eye or at least it is talked about more than it was in the 80's early 90's and with that in mind I have to say...

I'd fuck Lola Bunny.

Is it really so weird to want to fuck something we have made fuckable? I understand saying well I wouldn't want to fuck say a pony from MLP. I can definitely understand that but at the same time I can understand why people would like the idea as well, thinking of them as people more than animals as they kind of make you feel. The entire point of a talking animal in a world filled with talking animals is for them to be the norm; they are supposed to be us. We relate to the character more than the physical form as far as I'm aware. I mean we don't look at Looney Toons and get angry that Daffy is getting hurt by Bugs Bunnies actions. We don't take Daffy getting shot by Elmer as "On no! That duck got shot and is now dead." we see it as "That asshole got shot! Ha!"

But upon thinking about it MLP is a terrible choice until someone anthropomorphizes them...Anthro Luna. Until it is changed to be more human I guess it is just technically zooiphilia with a sentient animal, and I won't argue that till it happen. So back to the point furries, Is it so wrong? Or I guess strange is a better term, that we would have to separate people into groups of who would and would not want to fuck it? I mean I'm guessing at least 25% of people have tried a sexual toy, I know I have and I know a lot of girls who have vibrators. So we don't think less or strangely of them. So why do we think it so strange that people would want to fuck something not human but so similar?

I don't consider myself a furry but I'd definitely think huge breasts on a bunny or a rat would be sexy, if it was also along with a more human form and a personality. Does that make me a furry?

So I have to ask, what makes you a furry?

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