Thursday, March 21, 2013

Strange Questions and Worpress

So recently I've been working on our Wordpress site, which I think we will be switching over our services to since it is pretty easy to manage and looks brilliant in my opinion but I made it so I guess that doesn't matter. But your opinion does to me so please head over there and tell us what you think about it. The PutzCast Wordpress if we do switch over to Wordpress you won't have to worry about it we will take the domain with use since I paid good money for it so might as well as keep it.

Till then we have a new Strange Questions for you fine people. From episode 30 we started a talking about what you would do if your girlfriend sounded like someone else so without further ado Strange Questions 11.

Past that we are working out getting out the first Let's Play for The Walking Dead by this weekend. and We released the highlights for episode 30. And Nappa is working on another project that might be all his own!

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