Sunday, February 10, 2013

The PutzCast Updates 2/10/2013

So Nappa is hard at work on our first full Let's Play. I wanted to pop in and give you an update on things while he does that. So let's begin!

Let's Play
Our first full Let's Play it seems is going to be Telltale Games "The Walking Dead" based off the TV Series based off the Comic of the same name. The way our LP's will work is Nappa plays the Game and I (Zombi) comment over his game play. Nappa thought this would work best due to our lack of ability to stream and his ability to make entertaining commentary, his words not mine. I know little to nothing about the game we play. For The Walking Dead, I played the first chapter on my own after it was available free on Xbox Live. I have only ever played it once and Nappa has made his own choices in game play, so every reaction from me will be genuine. We are going to hold off for about a week since Nappa seems to think that Telltale Games is pulling down game footage of the series. From my own research that doesn't seem to be the case but we will hold off for about a week to start releasing. So expect that in the coming weeks.

Coming later this week there should be a new podcast featuring some pretty fun conversation hopefully we are gonna be talking about new and upcoming movies. If you have some subject you want us to cover or have a question you want us to answer please send anything like that to We would also love some sponsors!

Nappa's Game Talk
Nappa is hard at work on multiple Game Talks for you guys. If you'd like to suggest a game for him to play please tell us in either comments here or on one of his videos. Also a bit of fun news! After we released Nappa's Game Talk: The Stanley Parable we got a comment from the creator of said game thanking Nappa for the kind words. So that was pretty sweet. If You'd like to suggest a game for Nappa do an episode on at the moment he only has a computer for gaming. So if you'd like to see him play console games feel free to donate either cash or games! If you'd like to donate a game to Nappa please leave a comment and we will hook you up with an address to send them.

I'm working on some ideas for Movie-Factions. I've got more than a few choices to choose from. Like I said before I'm not just sticking to new releases I'd like to go back and review either less than well known movies as well as just a few old favorites, and just because it is a favorite doesn't mean it is amazing. If you'd like to donate a movie yet again just tell us and we will hook you up with an address.

The Store
I'm working on a few ideas for designs for the store, but at the moment it is a bit hard to get artwork with being poor and all. But I've got a few things in the can and I'm working on some thoughts. So look forward to those. We did release a Movie-Faction shirt more recently.

Strange Questions
I'm working on a few Strange Questions to upload in bulk so I don't have to worry about making them every single week. We really hope you've liked the series so far. I'm working on getting Nappa involved on it as well. So I'd look froward to seeing him in at least one of them soon enough.
We've been having some trouble with recently. They have deemed that we are no longer allowed to link to our YouTube account so I've been uploading them manually, which is a bit of a hassle. If it weren't for the unique players I wouldn't even deal with it. So if keeps this shit up we'll just go to YouTube or other places for our uploads since our pro account is going to run out soon.
Manic-Expression is a community based website that I was invited to join way back when it was first started. It is pretty much the definition of a community based site. Everyone can post their stuff and surprisingly the community is rather supportive and helpful. So we've found ourselves a nice little home away from home. We are still hoping to find a place on a little bit of a bigger site but Nappa and I are really enjoying the place, with a few exceptions like only being able to post a video or podcast a day. But we can deal with that. So if you want to grab a look at the site we have added a little Manic-Expressions button under our ad box. So if any sites would like to to show themselves off on our site please just let us know, you can contact me at

Ad Box
The ad bar on the right side seems to be down right now due to lack of use. If you guys don't click it they don't let us keep it going. So if you'd like to help I'll set up the ad again and then please click stuff. And please when it is back up we would love if you advertise your blog or project on our site! Just click this link to be taken to Project Wonderful

Social Media
We've been hard at work uploading or linking to our previous podcasts and videos on our social media outlets like Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. So if you have a preferred Social media please we would love if you followed us. Also if you do enjoy our work please like us on Facebook we are so close to getting out insight on Facebook. We do our best to post their nearly daily if so please we hope to see you there.

I think that is all for our updates fro now! We hope you like our stuff and we hope to keep entertaining you! Have a great day!

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