Friday, February 1, 2013

The PutzCast Ep. 27

Wow we missed the entire month of January! How did that happen? Well personal matters and business came up and we either couldn't record or we recorded multiple time only for the audio to just burst into flames! So we were trying but we couldn't get a podcast out in January. But we are here with a force for February!

Back and bigger than ever, well some of us. Zombi is working on losing weight and Nappa is probably eating a sandwich right now. So let's get to the details shall we? But first we want to say we are working on other videos so we aren't only releasing a video every 2 week. So now we have weekly series like Strange Questions and Nappa is working on making Nappa's Game Talk bi weekly, and Zombi will try to get Movie Factions out in the weeks he doesn't. Try is the key word there. So on to the podcast!

This Time Around We Discuss The return of the Nostalgia Critic, The Les Mis Movie, DevilMayCry: Devil May Cry, Cheating assholes, Jaleel White and much more.
Link Dump 
Saria's Song Metal cover By Artificial Fears 
Fluttershy milkshake gif 
Zone-Sama Teach the world to fap 
Fluttershy want's to watch you fap 
Coke "teach the world to sing" commercial 
Dirty Laundry 
Sabertooth was not the Punisher 
DMC: Devil May Cry 
Inuyasha on hulu 
Team Ninja  
Ninja Theory 
Enslaved Oddessy to the West 
2 Best Friends FunTime Adventures! Ep 1 
2 Best Friends Play 
Bennett The Sage DMC 
Angry Joe DMC 
Movie-Faction: Les Mis 
Les Misérables  
FiMFlamFilosophy Blip Update 
The Review Must Go On  
RVT Vlog  
Spongeknob Squarenuts SFW  
Simpsons Porn Parody SFW 
Family Guy Porn Parody SFW NSFW  
Sonic Fan Film 
Jaleel White 
Better Sonic Voices than Jaleel White! 
Dan Rothermich 
Dan again!  
The Guy from Sonic X 
Young Jaleel White!
MegaMan Fan Film  
Gabiel Iglasis 
All That 
Lance Armstrong 
Disney Tall Tale movie 
Glee Rips off Jonathan Coulton 
Jonathan Coulton's Baby Got Back on itunes 
Code Monkeys 
Code Monkey's Theme 
Jonathan Coulton's Twitter 
Jonathan Coulton's Tweet in Question  
Glee Wiki Controversy Section  
The Simpsons 
Strange Questions 
TeamNakama's OPA 
Mama Luba Serebro

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