Thursday, February 21, 2013

Strange Questions 6 & 7

Ok Strange Questions is back! and with that it has been bothering me that every week that we have a podcast I miss posting these episode because no one would see them when we have a bigger show being posted the very next day so I'm thinking of moving it's release date to Wednesday so that it has at least a full day to be up for people to see. So I'll test that out for around a month starting next week to see if that is what we should do. So let's drop the Valentine's day "special" first.

Then this week's episode was based on a question I had as a kid. If you get set on fire and then jump in a pool is it really nice after burning or is it super cold because you were literally just on fire. So I upped the stakes from a pool and added death to it. so we used Antarctica!

So those are my Strange Questions for the past 2 weeks, Like I said earlier we will be moving it to Wednesday for a trial run. Till then We hope you enjoyed our most recent podcast and Nappa is hard at work on a few different Game Talks. I'm in the writing stages for Movie-Factions and Nappa is working on the video for our first full Let's Play.

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