Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The PutzCast Update 1/15/2013

So recently we recorded our latest episode, Episode 27, but sadly that did not work our very well. We have the audio but there is no way we can use it since we can't hear Nappa in it. It was a really good episode to. We talked about RVT Entertainment and the "event" which caused most of the contributors to jump ship. We discussed the latest "Death Battle!" of Goku vs. Superman and so much more. But sadly it is basically lost in the ether. We'd record again, but we already tried a few times this week and it just doesn't seem to work so sadly we have to pass for now and we'll be back in a week with a new episode. But I hate leaving things unsaid so here is what we talked about in a nutshell.

Fun Fact Nick “Enigma” Gipson commented on this video. I still think he is a nice dude.

We really have missing out on a week. It just makes us feel like we are wasting everyone’s time and not really even trying. So to make it up to you we are working on a few videos for you guys. The first of which is a new Movie-Faction on Les Misérables. I had to re-shoot this thing after giving myself some time to really think about what I saw. So I did my best to really form my thoughts and give the video itself a bit of humor.

And with that we are running low on things to offer you to make things up well I'm lying about that. I'm working on a new project with Steve Ray Brown. All I can tell you is it's a pilot for a gaming series, once I can say more you will be the first to hear it. Nappa and I are working on some Let's Plays, in our own style. And lastly I'm working on a new shorter series that will be weekly, I'm thinking every Wednesday we'll release a new one. So I'll leave you with the first episode.

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