Friday, October 19, 2012

The PutzCast Ep. 22

After a weeks break where we tested out a new recording system it is my great honor to announce we are back! Ok less of an honor and more of a duty! The PutzCast is back with a vengeance!

 Episode 22 is one of our best in our opinion, even with Nappa screwing up the new recording system, this episode turned out just fine. On top of that we are working on a RolePlay session. We've got some recorded and in the pipeline. Featuring a bunch of talent including Steven Ray Brown, RaventailBlacktalon, Tux Edo and many others. Our very first session was such a clusterfuck that we have decided to restart before we even release! But don't worry that episode's audio was recorded and we will release it after we restart the campaign. So on to this episode!

This Time Around we Discuss the flaws of The Dark knight Rises, the voices of Deadpool, Up coming movies, The Thing, Wrestling, XCOM and a very serious issue.
Link Dump
The Songs we used were "Bomb Toss" and "The Healing Touch"
Double Dragon Neon Soundtrack 
Double Dragon Neon 
Donate Button  
Rocket Power 
John Kassir 
Nolan North 
One Piece Pirate Warriors 
Uncharted Series 
The Dark Knight Rises 
Uma Thurman  
RVT Entertainment 
Mike Maverick Ace Gamer 
Reviewers Unknown 
The Spoony Experiment 
Recess Season 3 episode 2 "A Genius Among Us" 
PS3 commercial 
JonTron Show 
Pitch Perfect 
Dorm of the Dead box cover 
The Man with the Iron Fists 
Djano Unchained Trailer 
Sukiyaki Western Django 
The Last Stand 
Fanboys Vs. Zombies 
A Good day to Die Hard 
Total Recall 
The Thing(1982 
The Thing(2011) 
The Thing The Game  
The Thing from Another world 
Will Smith's Personal Life 
Anath Jackson the 3rd 
James Hamman the 3rd 
Rooster Teeth Podcast 
Cat on my shoulder vlog 
Facebook knows you're gay! 
Amanda Todd Wikipedia 
XCOM Enemy Unknown  
Rey Mysterio Mask

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