Friday, January 13, 2012

The PutzCast Ep. 13

So we are back and I am sick! But hey enough of this crap right let's just get to the episode so I can sleep.

This time around we discussed some old video games that no one cares about like XCOM, Earthbound and Splatterhouse. Oh! And Slavery.
Link Dump 
"Light up the Night" by The Protomen 
Betrayal Song by homjakilla and Spoony  
That's the Joke.jpeg 
Angry Joe Update! New Old XCOM 
XCOM on Steam 
Clan of the Gray Wolf  
CotGW: Earthbound - A History 
CotGW: 16 Bit Gems - Earthbound 
Mother 3 Translation 
Mother 1+2 Translation 
Happy Video Game Nerd 
HVGN: Splatterhouse Retrospective 
HVGN: Splatterhouse 2010 
Nightmare Fuel  
100 Year Old Prostitute 
Black Church owns KKK Store 
Fat Kids Ad 
Slave Math 
Pony Flesh Lights

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