Thursday, December 22, 2011


Seriously?! Fucking seriously?!

The bill itself pissed us off then this shit comes to light. Can we just start a revolution, no one except politicians will be taken in the revolution. Completely peaceful, then we just throw every politician out of the country. Where they will be ripped apart by wild wolves! Same with all the people who said this bill was a good idea and have backed it!

What the hell guys!?

Wanna stop SOPA?
Link provided by Chad Rocco of TGWTG.

A video that give you the details on the actual bill as it "was", I am unaware if any significant changes have been made since this videos creation.

As well as the video that brought to light the inherent flaws of the previous video.

But as stated to James, I linked this video knowing it isn't really helping in the way the title leads you to believe. I posted it to hopefully piss you off enough to get in contact with your congressmen if you haven't already. This bill as well as the "Protect IP" bill are real and need to be stopped. And we can't do it alone. If you even remotely like spending time on the internet or want to endorse creativity of all people present and future we urge you to take action.

Thanks for your time! Also Thanks James for pointing these videos out.

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