Friday, December 30, 2011

The PutzCast Ep. 12

So we are back after a small break for the holiday season. And we repeat we are sorry for missing that week and we hope to not have it happen again...hope.

But hey let's throw that apology away! Since this episode is so much better than just about any of our past ones...except maybe 10. That said go watch the previous ones...wink.

So recently Nappa told me a friend of his found our podcast and I quote "unnerving" Which I find hilarious! So hey let's get to the meat of this post! With potatoes.
Link Dump 
Washu's Lullaby from Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-oki Licensed by Funimation  
Nappa the Brony 
SOPA videos 
Explaining SOPA 
Corperate scum 
The Argument how it should be presented and how it shouldn't Be 
Mr. Awesome Goes to Washington 
Voice actors 
Anath Jackson the 3rd 
David G.J. Doyle 
Howard Stern on AVGN  
Paw Dugan! 
Derek the Bard 
Warning Readers Advisory: Vampires in Their own Words 
Kim Jong Il Dead 
The Expendables 2 
The Official Kwanzaa Website 
Smoking Jacket 
Oprah on porn 
Penn and Teller Bullshit: The War on Porn 
The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 
Bane's Mask 
Bane up Close 
Bane Well Lit 
Bane vs. Batman Fight! 
Adventure Time House Hunting Music Video 
Wrath of the Titans 
Nostalgia Critic Commentary 
Twisted Metal Mr. Grimm 
3 minutes of the new Devil May Cry 
The Lorax 
Penn and Teller BS: Environmental Hysteria 
2 Best Friends: Let's Play Resident Evil 2 Part 1, part 2, Part 3  
The Bunny Perspective: Jeff Dunham Very Special Christmas Special 
Billy West & John Dimaggio - Larry King Game (KPCS Ep. 38)

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