Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The PutzCast Pony Shirts!

Ok this My Little Pony thing is really killing me today I was listening to it for nearly an hour over and over again while working! And then it hit me I have a problem! MLP songs are Earworms! But to help me through it I can make Nappa mad.

What better  way than to make him a pony, no wait I did that already…Oh I know I’ll turn his pony into a shirt! Perfect! And Done! Nappony and Zombrony are now shirts available in The PutzCast Store!

Well I never want to do that again! But I know I will! So hey I hope you enjoy the shirts, I know Nappa hates them! And if you do buy one please send us a pic of your wearing it because that will make Nappa cry! And we all want that!

Send pics to zombifaction@theputzcast.com

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