Saturday, November 19, 2011

Internet Censorship! (Sorry)

Ok so obviously we have all seen it by now but Nappa is telling me this is serious business! Internet Style!

But evidentially since our government seems to be retarded they are trying to censor the internet, because as we all know this is communist China and freedoms that we once viewed a beautiful and what set us apart from Nazi Germany was all the things we could do on the internet.

Things like:
Movie/Game Reviews
Regular Music Videos
Abridged Series
Random clips from all over the world popping up in videos

Among other things. And even though I feel like there is no way this would pass because come on really Government?! You're going to do something stupid again? Last time you threatened something with the internet wasn't a whole lot of personal information released to the general public? Don't shoot yourself in the nuts again. But for all those people who do want to make sure that this shit doesn't pass I will give you the links to sign petitions and what not.


So if you would be kind enough to sign that then that would be great but if you don't I understand, but even I signed it so it isn't a hassle just in case.

So seriously Government I'm telling you if you pass something as stupid as you’re trying to do, people will die. I'm just saying. Not threatening but as I said as the beginning...

The Internet, Serious business.

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