Friday, May 20, 2011

The PutzCast Hype!

Once in a generation comes a podcast. A podcast that changes all the rules. A podcast that is so entertaining it makes you sick. That podcast is Transmission Awesome. But that is not the only podcast of this generation. No as the Vegetarian Nazis claim all the hormones in our meat have beefed up the populous. And with that beefing we get multiple podcasts that change the very genre. Podcasts like RoosterTeeth Drunk Tank, The YogsCast YoGPoD and The PutzCast. This is about the latter!

The PutzCast Podcast has been accepted by iTunes! That is right we have been allowed into the halls of easy download by Apple and iTunes. And you can find us there as well! To find The PutzCast on iTunes you can either type in The PutzCast in the iTunes search or you can just use this link

The PutzCast on iTunes

What? You don't know what you’re in for by clicking that link? Well then here let me show you.

Recording weekly, working on Livestreaming, and blogging.

You can find us on YouTube, Facebook and LiveStream

So come check us out!

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