Monday, May 9, 2011

The PutzCast Ep. 2

Wow, I finally got my own internet connection so I never have to use my neighbors again. And since the switch I can upload things with lightening fast speeds. And since this is now fact We get episode 2 finally uploaded to our own channel! With big things in the works and my own personal copy of Pamela call recorder on it's way nothing but awesome on the horizon!.

Along with our internet connection hopefully we can get some other things going like my Xbox Live account up and running. And for all those people who want to play with me and that means not in a van I'm Zombifaction on Xbox. But till I get more than 1 game (Borderlands) We'll all have to settle for episode 2.

But hey just like last time and the next time we don't all have the time to just sit and listen to a podcast so for your entertainment and mine we get a download link!

(Right click, Save as)

Enjoy the podcast and feel free to donate to your favorite podcast hopefully soon to be on iTunes The PutzCast!

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